Working together for realistic development. That is what KDRe (Konbit pou Devlopman Reyèl) stands for.

KDRe was founded in Haiti and is officially registered with the Haitian government. KDRe works together with local organisations, focusing on priorities identified by the population. This collaboration increases capacities. The vision of KDRe is to work in such a way that population does not become dependent on external aid, but instead to stimulate (economic) independence.

Examples are training on community development and training for teachers to improve the quality of education. An investment in microcredit allows people to raise and sell livestock or sell commerce on the market, as a result of which for the first time all children in that town go to school. In addition, there are several construction projects in areas hit by the earthquake.

At this website you can find more information about the work of KDRe. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or remarks. Do you want to contribute to the projects of KDRe in Haiti? Take a look at ' Sponsoring'  to see how you can support us.

Thank you very much for your interest and involvement.